Fellowship Kids

Fellowship is a great place to learn the Bible no matter what age you are! Our teachers believe that the formative years of children are a strategic time to teach the kids about Jesus so they have a solid foundation to build on as they grow. We look forward to ministering to your children! Learn more

Infant to 5th grade | Sunday Mornings

It seems that no matter where children go they leave their little hand and fingerprints all over everything!  That is exactly what we want our children to do in the world.... leave their "MARK"

2yrs to 6yrs | Wednesday Nights

Lessons from the first part of the Old Testament introducing young children to the basics of the Bible and facilitating discussions about who God is, and identifying character traits that honor God.

K to 2nd grade | Wednesday Nights

Lessons from the second part of the Old Testament, introducing young children to the classic stories of the Bible, facilitating discussions about God's people, and discovering how God's love endures no matter what.

3rd to 5th grade | Wednesday Nights

This is our new children's class on Wednesday nights. Bring your kids & let them check it out!


Fellowship Recovery is dedicated to helping those struggling with all types of life issues caused by sin. We desire to help people learn how to break their chains through the loving and healing power of Jesus Christ.

What distinguishes a healthy recovery ministry from a secular recovery organization is the belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ is both sufficient and supreme in finding freedom from addictions and other forms of slavery. Regardless of programmatic differences, we believe the following distinctives mark a healthy, gospel-centered recovery ministry...

1. Programs don’t heal people: Programs are inventions of men. Elevating a program above the person and work of Jesus is sin. We are not here to exalt a program but make much of Him.

2. Recovery is NOT JUST FOR ADDICTS: If understood biblically, recovery is needed by anyone affected by the slavery of sin and suffering. That suffering can be the result of the person’s own sin, the sin of another or the result of living in a fallen world. Since we struggle with all three, our ministry is open to and offers redemption through Christ to all.

3. Redemption cannot be isolated to those in a program: We are either enslaved or in Christ.

4. Sobriety (or marriage reconciliation, etc.) is not the goal: The goal is a reconciled heart to God, So sobriety, freedom and restoration is a byproduct.

5. It’s a ministry of movement: We want people to connect relationally, understand their problem biblically and apply the gospel practically, while walking in wisdom horizontally and faithfulness vertically. This is so they might experience the healing power of the gospel and live on mission for God, not tethered to a program.

6. It’s NOT ABOUT A SINGLE ISSUE: It is dangerous to reduce our walk with the Lord to one issue. If we haven’t sinned in a particular way, we then believe that we are “ok” with God. Abstinence is not the way to God—Jesus is!

Recovery Steps is an intensive 13 week discipleship program with aspects of daily Bible study and reflection, one-on-one discipleship, praying and sharing in small groups. Learn more here

We are always looking for compassionate and loving people to serve in our recovery ministry. If you feel that God is calling you to serve in Fellowship Recovery, please contact the church today!